Walmart Gift Card after mispricing on SSBB

17 Jan

by admin Published on: 17 January 2011 Categories:Tech Shopping Tags:card, gift, mispricing, ssbb, walmart Comments:No CommentsThis was the original deal thread. Walmart had Super Smash Brothers Brawl listed at $20, but then canceled everyone’s orders because it was a pricing error. I got in on the deal, and my order got canceled. However, I got an email yesterday from them, and they gave me a $10 gift card to compensate. Did anyone else get similar treatment?

I think this is great, there have been a lot of pricing errors online, and most retailers just cancel the order and refer to their right to cancel any order for any reason. I was quite surprised, but am overall very pleased with the way this was handled, and am planning on leaving Walmart positive feedback telling them so.


We apologize for our recent video game pricing error and the incorrect information included in our follow up e-mail correspondence with you.

As we are always striving to provide a positive customer experience, we will be sending you a $10 electronic Gift Card toward a future purchase as an apology for your recent experience. (One Gift Card per affected customer; this card can only be used online at Look for details in a separate email.)

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  1. burak January 21, 2011 at 10:09 pm #

    teşekkürler 🙂

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